College Essay and Scholarship Services


Scholarship Coaching:

Did you know that there are thousands of dollars awarded annually in private scholarships?
Negotiating the world of private scholarships is no simple task. Open Door Advisory breaks down the process into a tangible to-do list. We establish a scholarship profile for your student, identify a myriad of scholarship opportunities, and get moving on the application process. 
Together we:

    • Pinpoint your unique scholarship profile
    • Identify local, state, and national scholarship opportunities
    • Develop and implement strategies for applying and writing essays
Essay Coaching:
Did you know that the average admissions staff member reads 50 college essays per day during admissions season? What will move your essay to the top of that pile?

The college essay is one of the most important elements in the application process. With Open Door Advisory, even the most reluctant writer can produce a compelling and well-crafted essay.
During our sessions we:

    • Brainstorm your unique and individual essay topic
    • Develop the first draft
    • Finalize your college essay

Video Essays:

Did you know that the video essay is a dynamic and unique way to show colleges who you are? Think of it as your own personal commercial; it adds one more compelling layer to your application. More and more colleges are allowing and encouraging video essays.

Together we:

•    Identify your video essay “hook”
•    Compile video footage and still shots
•    Finalize a video essay