College Essay and Scholarship Services





Here is what some of my students said after working with me:

"Going into the class I was very stressed and overwhelmed. This class me gave me confidence and guidance as a writer, and helped me to build an essay that I never thought was possible."

"I really enjoyed working with Mrs. Pestorius; she made suggestions that helped my essay flow as a story rather than a series of events. She gave me the tools I needed to brainstorm the perfect topic and even finish two essays in the 3 day period!"

“I had no idea how to begin looking for scholarships. My parents told me I had to figure out a way to cover some of the tuition at the school I wanted to attend. Mrs. Pestorius helped me understand where to find scholarships. She helped me make a plan and stick to it.”

"Mrs. Pestorius was very helpful getting your brainstorming going and she was very helpful when I got writer's block, and she allows you to write wherever you feel comfortable."

"My daughter received excellent advice and guidance through the college essay process. Her final essay was wonderful and I am sure it helped her get into her #1 school. Thanks Cara!!"

"Cara worked with both my twin girls on their college essays, and she was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very patient with the girls. She was able to work individually utilizing their strengths and helping them with any areas in which they may have had a weakness. The quality of the essays was excellent and the amount of time spent was catered to each girl. Cara went above and beyond and I would highly recommend her!"